At the age of two Judith started her musical career in her father’s childrens church choir in the old city of the “Peace of Westphalia” in Münster. Many years later after 17 years as a choir singer with different “gigs” in church halls all over Germany and England’s West Midlands and as well after 10 years as a singing and guitar playing campfire scout, Judith learned the secrets of electric guitar playing from Andreas Vandenhoff in the German city of music, in Cologne. She used the new learned skills together with her singer and songwriter talent to set up her first band “2nd key” together with four “Rhineland” musicians.

During a work-related band break of some years at Frankfurt in the south of Germany, Judith started producing her own songs in her home studio and also discovered the fun of covering songs as solo artist on guitar and piano. You can hear some of her own productions on her myspace page. Judith produced all instruments herself.

Since 2012 Judith’s home town is Berlin. Meeting old and ex-2nd key guitarist Claudia in Berlin, Judith together with her electric guitar joined the band Daughters of Fortissimo (DoFF) until summer 2015.

From end of 2015 until summer 2016 Judith supported the Syrian Singer Enana, who is blessed with an amazing voice, by playing the guitar.

Judith started her solo project Just Judith in 2017. In 2018, she enjoyed some vocal lessons by wonderful tenor singer Rafael Ortiz – the star of her childhood – in Berlin Steglitz.

Judith is happy to sing & play wherever people would like to listen to her music.