Unpluggedival Pankow 30.9.22 – Thank You!

Danke an die Brafinette und das Cafe Paula für einen wunderschönen Abend und an alle Folks, die dabei waren… ob nur kurz oder lang oder direkt bei beiden Auftritten. Es war mir eine grosse Freude! Auf bald, JJ

Dyke March Münster 🏳️‍🌈 ❤️ 🏳️‍⚧️

Dyke March Münster Abschlusskundgebung Hafenplatz

Grosser Dank an das Orga Team! Nach laaanger Corona Pause einfach wunderbar wieder in der Öffentlichkeit zu spielen. Danke auch für die tolle Party und Location am Abend 🙏🏼🥳🎸

Happy 2021 & New Music Video

A happy 2021! Wishing all of us lots of music, sounds and dances. May the world change to a world with people being able to meet and enjoy music together, again. I hope for concert opportunities this year.

In the meanwhile I am producing videos for my songs recorded in spring last year. One by one, and the next is my favourite song „Little Girl“. Again, enjoy the calmness of the picture, which gives you the special opportunity to focus on the sound . This song is for all who lost someone at a too early stage of live. This song gets a new meaning as I just lost my beloved dog Lily, who loved listening to my music and I loved playing for her. In the song I describe a coldness in heart and soul, but Lily left warmth, heartiness, love and a lot of joy. Enjoy „Little Girl“!

Little Girl, copyright Just Judith 2020

First Just Judith Music Video

Happy to announce that my first music video is on youtube. It‘s in the sense of watch, calm down and focus ?. It‘s the song about my former ‚hood‘ Kottbusser Tor in Berlin Kreuzberg. This video was produced during the first days of lockdown light.

Cottbus Gate, copyright Just Judith 2020